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Forbes college is one of the reputed college situated at the prime location of Bharatpur metropolitan-2, Kshetrapur, Chitwan nearby QFX Jalma Hall. The college mainly focues in providing technical education on emerging IT & Hospitality Management issues. Bachelor of science (Hons.) in Hospitality Management & Bachelor in computer science (Hons.) (Network Technology & Cyber security) are the currently offered 4 years bachelor program.

In recent times, a good deal of anxious attention has been paid, all over the world, to the utter significance and direct influence of science and technology on our modern lifestyle. Twenty first century is indeed identified as the age of science and technology. Moreover, the progress of any country in the contemporary world depends entirely upon the improvement made by it in the field of technology. In this context, Information Technology & Hospitality Management plays a meaningful and substantial role that cannot be excluded.


To be leading educational institution by providing world class education in diverse emerging disciplines to produce conscientious and learned professional who significantly contribute to socio-economic development of the nation.


The mission of Forbes College is to become a leading educational institution of the nation that enhances lifelong learning opportunities, practical and scientific skills, social values, leadership and entrepreneurship by harnessing information technology to create a noble human society.


  • To provide excellence in teaching, student engagement and adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of the community.
  • To maintain and refine support systems for enhancing college functions and student success.
  • To provide appropriate facilities and a quality and productive work, study and learning environment aimed at engaging the college community.
  • To maintain a strong commitment to excellence through professional development.
  • To seek resources to support the college mission.
  • To distribute resources in a manner that is productive, efficient and consistent with the College’s mission.
  • To provide college systems and practices that ensure public accountability.
  • To support the College’s commitment to expand access, equity, diversity, and enrollment.
  • To provide leadership in cultural and economic development in the College’s service area.
  • To seek out and cultivate beneficial partnerships.

Forbes College [Peaceful Environment]

   A learning community dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners.